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Fairfield Circuitry : The Right Moment Doesn't Exist

There is no perfect timing to start a business. Sometimes you just have to get started like Guillaume Fairfield did. His passion for sound and music led him to found Fairfield Circuitry.

Some history

In 2006, Guillaume Fairfield graduated in Electronic Engineering Technology from La Cité college. At the beginning of his career, he worked for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). For a while, ideas had been sprouting in his head, projects that passionate him.

At that time, he already knew that being a public officer was not his life goal. He was an artist at heart!

The turning point

In 2008, Guillaume began receiving fewer contracts from the NRC. Amid the Recession, he decided to quit working for the government. According to him, it was the worst time to start his own business, but it could only get better. Besides, as he explains, niche products suffer less from the impacts of an economic slowdown. Even if the timing was not ideal, he had to pursue his passion. This was the beginning of Fairfield Circuitry.

The renewal

This company, specializing in the production of sound effects for musical instruments, had humble beginnings, their journey started in an attic. A few years later, Guillaume found premises and began hiring employees. He could count on his friends and his family circle of musicians for help. With their feedback, he was able to create the right product for this community.


Working with a distributor in France, Fairfield Circuitry distributes its pedals in about 20 countries. The company manufactures, tests and packages everything entirely in Gatineau, in Guillaume’s workshop. Even with his company constantly growing, Guillaume Fairfield prefers to keep the manufacturing process in the region. This allows him to ensure consistency in the quality of his products and build a respected team that today has dozen employees. Guillaume is excited for what the future has in store for him so are we.

A little advice

The best advice from Guillaume Fairfield is to not to be afraid to try. You also have to begin small and then evolve. Finally, if you are passionate about an idea, it is important to follow it!

Curious to hear how the Fairfield Circutry pedals sound? It’s over here!

For more informations about Fairfield Circuitry, visit or follow them on social medias:

Article made as part of the Regional Support Fund (FARR) (Website In French only).


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