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  • What types of businesses can enroll in your programs?
    Startup businesses: We welcome startups from all industries as long as they are involved in technological innovation. For example, you could be a startup in the agri-food sector developing a new type of order management platform. That would be technological innovation. Established businesses: SMEs and organizations interested in our growth services do not need to be in technological innovation themselves. All our growth services involve technology and innovation.
  • What are the registration deadlines for your programs?
    There are no registration deadlines for the Sprint, the Bootcamp, the Aventure or our services for established businesses. You can enroll at any moment and our team will start coaching you from that point on. The Sprint workshop takes place four times a year on specific dates, but registration is always open for the next one. Registration information for the Cybersecurity Networking Program are announced on our social media when the time comes.
  • Does my business need to be in the Outaouais region, in Quebec or in Canada to access your services?
    Startup businesses: Only the Cybersecurity Networking Program has a geographical restriction, since businesses must be registered in Quebec. Our other programs are available to businesses from all over. Applicants must still fulfill the requirements of our selection process which is based on technological innovation, team strength, and growth potential. Note that a company without an office in Quebec will not have access to some of the financial leverage offered by our partners. Established businesses: The Industry 4.0 Audit is restricted to businesses based in Quebec, and the Canada Digital Adoption Program is restricted to Canadian businesses. Our other growth services are open to all.
  • Do I need Canadian citizenship to enroll in your programs?
    No, that’s not required; our programs are open to all. However, access to government funding will vary based on your status in the country.
  • How do you protect the intellectual property of entrepreneurs enrolled in your programs?
    All Cilex employees have signed a nondisclosure agreement, as well as the experts we invite to our workshops.
  • Do you offer financing?
    No, we specialize exclusively in coaching. However, several of our institutional partners can offer financing to the businesses incubated at Cilex. Our team can also help you claim research and development tax credits through Espace-O.
  • How much do your programs cost?
    Startup businesses: The Sprint is free. Fees for the Bootcamp and the Aventure can vary based on where your business is located (inside or outside the Outaouais region), your current market entry status, and which package is chosen. Your business must first go through our selection process; fees will be discussed afterward. Startups taking part in our programs also gain access to some funding opportunities offered by our institutional partners. Established businesses: Fees vary based on the service and the number of coaching hours required. Our institutional partners can sometimes offer funding, depending on the type of service needed and your business profile. Get in touch with us to talk about your options.
  • How much does it cost to rent a virtual, private or shared office at Cilex?
    Get in touch with us to get detailed information on our office rental fees.
  • What kinds of businesses can rent a virtual, private or shared office at Cilex?
    Businesses housed at Cilex must be involved in technological innovation. They also need to participate in our entrepreneurial ecosystem and must not be competing with a business already housed at Cilex. Get in touch with us to talk about your options.

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