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5 tips for catching investors’ attention

What do investors seek? How can you catch their eye? You probably have asked yourself these questions at one point or another. Business Insider has highlighted five tips that can make a world of difference for your business.

1. Make sure your product meets your customer’s real needs

When you are designing and developing your product, you must validate in the field what your customer really needs. Meet several potential clients and listen to them! Then ask yourself the question: Does my product directly address these needs? If your answer is no, it becomes important to review your value proposition in order to adapt it to the realities of your clients. We strongly recommend that the companies incubating with us adopt a Lean business approach.

2. Innovate with your value chain

When thinking about innovation, we often imagine an innovative final product but we tend to forget innovation in business models. It’s important to consider all facets of the strat-up in this process.

3. Develop your digital skills

Using digital platforms for communications or transactions with customers is now more important than ever. The last few months have shown the advantage gained by companies when they offer their services online. Not only can they reach a larger customer base, but they are not subjected to the same restrictions as other businesses. It is therefore important to plan for this in your business model.

4. Consider capital efficiency as fundamental

Set and define your priorities. You will thus be able to extend the life span of your accumulated capital and deal with the unexpected. Investors will see that you’re well prepared.

5. Build a good relationship with investors

Always be honest and transparent with investors – before investing in a company, they invest first and foremost in its management. Talk to them about your motivation and inspiration. Share your passion with them. It’s important to build a relationship of trust with them so that you can receive better support when facing difficult times.


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