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Plagio : Innovation For Medical Applications

Discover the five graduating start-ups of the 2019 Elan Program, watch their pitch, and learn about their experience as a Cilex incubé. For this last episode, we talk with Michel Favre, Plagio founder!

1- What has motivated you to launch your project?

While following a course on plagiocephaly, I realized that the methods for the precise evaluation of cranial deformations were hard to do and that it was possible to automatize them. Having a computer background, I decided to computerize the evaluation process.

2- What have you learned during these 12 weeks (expertise as much as interpersonal skills)

During the 12 weeks of the Elan program, I learned that having a product is one thing, but mobilize a market around the product is another. I also met charming people, each expert in their field. Whether in marketing, finance, or administration, these persons allowed me to widen my field of consciousness.

3- What advice would you give to your past self, three months ago (or to a beginner entrepreneur)?

The advice I would give to myself is: don’t be afraid of meeting and talking with your market and this even if your product is far from perfect. Also, always be ready to change direction!

Curious to learn more? It’s here!

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Translated by Alexandra Charland-Froment


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