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Élan: Structure and Marketing

Do you want to structure your startup and build your marketing strategy? Postulate before January 25!

Join our incubation program and beneficiate from :

  • More than 12 hours of individualized coaching

  • 12 training workshops and work sessions to acquire the foundations for your project development

  • Privileged access to professional adviceNetworking and development activities to expand your business network

  • Access to a pool of experts, professors, and students

  • Privileged access to Cilex and its partners’ network

  • Access to Cilex infrastructures for the duration of the program (mailing address, conference room, and workstation)

  • One year of group mentorship (10 meetings) with the Mentorship Program of the Gatineau Chamber of commerce

  • One year of membership at the Gatineau Chamber of commerce

  • Simplified access to the Futurpreneur loan of $15,000 (only for the 18-35 years old) if you complete the program

All of this while keeping your intellectual property, and all of your shares.

This program is for the entrepreneurs who have completed the Validation program or have validated their innovative concept with the target market.

The deadline for submitting your application is January 25.

A committee will then evaluate the projects and choose a limited number. The selected incubés will be individually contacted and the program will begin Tuesday, January 31st.

For more information, go to the Élan program page.


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