Whether it’s the quality of online teaching, the integration of new students or the currently available technological platforms, there is no shortage of challenges in education! Participants who choose this field will be introduced to its many real needs and will be able to draw inspiration from them to select a particular issue. After speaking with many deans, directors, teachers, researchers and other professionals from the Université du Québec en Outaouais, the Cégep de l’Outaouais, Heritage College, the École nationale d’administration publique and La Cité college, we have been able to establish a list of the most common challenges in education. Here are some examples of issues that were brought to our attention:

  • How can teachers be helped to adapt quickly to the changes brought about by the adoption of new technologies (digitization)?

  • The large number of platforms on the market is challenging. Which platforms could be used or created that would be suitably user-friendly and scalable to group size so that teachers are well equipped?

  • How to design classes from a pedagogical standpoint to adapt them to online learning in a way that engages and motivates the student?

  • Which means could be used to help students focus during online learning?

  • How can the needs and expectations of students be met appropriately knowing that some new students want to have in-person classes while others prefer online learning?

  • How can intergenerational, interdisciplinary and intercultural practices be fostered?

  • How can time management of working hours be improved at home, knowing that people now work more from home than in their offices?

  • How can students be put at the heart of the process to help them integrate, among other things?

  • How can evaluations be adapted to avoid plagiarism and ensure that students understand the material?

  • Which technological means could be used to aggregate data in order to simplify project and personnel management (teachers on leave, at a conference, etc.)?

  • How to ensure that students are equipped with devices that meet cybersecurity standards (e.g. antivirus, privacy, data security)?