François de Bellefeuille

At the age of 18, François built a 30-people company from scratch. After a few years, he sold it and joined the Spiria team. As soon as he arrived, François jumped into projects – he isn’t afraid of change or to start fresh. His bold and intelligent approach to business and innovation has proven effective since his first leap into entrepreneurship: in 2018, he became general manager of Spiria Gatineau. François’s leadership philosophy is about putting people in positions of strength, and by doing so motivate and inspire them to be their best. He likes to challenge old ideas and believes nothing should be set in stone – for his clients, or for himself. He believes in correcting mistakes and moving forward with new solutions, meaning that nothing is impossible. Process transformation is François’ professional passion: he thrives on optimizing and improving client organizations’ processes and systems, turning the old into something lean, sleek, and efficient.